Soene is a one-man creative studio balancing between art and design

How I can help

🖌️ Design

With a diverse background in various aspects of the graphic design realm, my passion lies in the digital world. I bring creativity and expertise to every project, ensuring visually captivating and digitally optimized designs.

🖥️ Website

I specialize in transforming website designs into fully functional, user-friendly websites. With proficiency in Webflow, I bring web design vision to life, creating seamless and responsive online experiences.

🎨 Illustration

I bring a versatile approach to illustration, adapting to various styles. With experience in creating visuals for animation videos. I thrive in the dynamic world of multimedia storytelling, crafting engaging visuals that captivate audiences.

🎞️ Motion design

My expertise in motion graphics spans from creating animated videos to crafting brief yet impactful GIFs. Whether it's enhancing videos or adding dynamic elements to websites, I bring motion to life in the digital realm.

An illustrated portrait of Wouter Soentjens


Hello, I'm Wouter Soentjens, an Antwerp based allround designer. My passions lie in illustration, motion graphics, and the world of web design. I'm open for freelance and project work.

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